On March 28, the STRING INTO SPRING  will be held at VFW POST 9788 324 Sawmill Lane, Horsham, PA 19044 from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. Come join us to help make Bracelets for patients diagnosed with Cancer. Donate unwanted Beads, Broken, Loose, New and Used Bracelets & Necklaces.  *Refreshments & Entertainment, as well as Beads Provided! Thank You for Your Support!  like us on Facebook @BeatitBeads, Info: 267-670-9392.

On August 9, 2014, the QUEENS OF BEAD STRINGING!  will be held at Brandywine Senior Living at Dresher Estates, 1405 Limekiln Pike, Dresher, PA 10925 from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. Come Join Our Circle to Make Bracelets to Give to Women Diagnosed With Cancer *Refreshments Beads Provided! Thank You for Your Support!  like us on Facebook @BeatitBeads, Info: 267-670-9392.

On June 28, 2014, the BEAT IT BEADS AGAINST BREAST CANCER PINK LIPSTICK PARTY!  will be held at  324 Sawmill Ln., Horsham, PA 19044 from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. Come Join Our Circle to Make Bracelets to Give to Women Diagnosed With Cancer *Refreshments & Makeup Consultant Tips & Raffle Prizes! Thank You for Your Support!  like us on Facebook @BeatitBeads, Info: 267-670-9392.

On October 5, 2013, BEAT IT BEADS AGAINST BREAST CANCER FALL FUN 4 MILEwill be held at Samuel Carpenter Park, 1000 Horsham, PA 19044. Registration will begin @ 8:00am the walk will start @ 9:00am. Healthy Refreshments provided by: Philly Pretzels of Horsham, Fresh Market, Sam’s Club, Chillerz Froyo, Dunkin Donuts of Horsham, Dublin Bakery, Chaddsford Winery, and Jarrettown Hotel. Prizes and Raffle tickets Meet the Press of Horsham.

On August 18, Red White & Blue Crew Independence Blue Cross they had volunteer employees to come to my house from 8am to 11 am to help with Beads.  I turned my living room into a Bead it Beads Against Breast Cancer Factory. They helped with cleaning, attaching circle charms onto the necklaces. One group enjoyed making Necklaces they turned loose Beads into beautiful Necklaces and Bracelets they were very creative.  That day the Philly Pretzel Factory became one of the Beat it beads Supporters they donated pretzels to this event which we enjoyed. Everyone was such a Great help they where a Group of God sent Angels.

July 26, 2012 Independence Blue Cross/ AmeriHealth Administrators the Beat it Beads first Collection Drive at my place of employment. In the middle of taking a call posted on the I way inter office e-mail with my picture and story saying IBC/AHA is supporting the “Bead it Beads” Against Breast Cancer.  The Drive started on July 30 to August 30, I brought in Decorations everywhere you look pink.  Some decorated the area with Ribbons, Balloons and Breast Cancer symbols. One co- worker made a Hugh Pink Bead it beads Necklace out of Styrofoam balls sprayed with pink paint it was so pretty and very creative. Throughout the Department Baskets was placed to put beads in.  I had a baskets by my desk and received lots of Necklaces. Each day I wore the color pink. I was so excited to come to work.    Everyone was so nice I was touched with kind words. The first Beads were received by one of my team members the first day of the Drive. The Beat it Beads ink pens was sold for $5.00 to help support. The Beat it Beads collection Drive Name was posted on the television screen each time it was posted I would take a picture or point. It was a fun week. Beat it beads received lots Beaded Necklaces, loose beads & broken. The last day was pink day everyone wore pink we had a toast (apple cider) to end the last day of the drive.  The Collection Drive was held in 6 locations throughout the region. Thank God it was a Great Success!

June 22, 2012 Zion Baptist Church, Deaconess Ministry invited Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. along with other members of our church to participate in a  play called , Soliloquy, her Story. It was an Honor to have been part of this event. I am a member of Zion’s.  My daughter Marlenna was there to support me. I was so happy to see her out in the Congregation I had to tell everyone to give her a hand clap for being there for me.  I brought a basket of necklaces to share with everyone to give them an idea of what the Beat it Beads look like.   While telling my story I looked at one of the members and on her face she looked like she was in shock to hear I had Breast Cancer.  After I saw her face, I froze for a moment then I realized how God truly been a Blessing to me thank you Lord then I was able to finish my Story. After it was over a women came over to me in tears and said someone in her Family just found out they have Cancer.  My Heart went out to her I gave her a Hug and handed her a Beat it Beads Necklace to give to her Family member to give them a message don’t be down get up and fight!

June 9, 2012, The Wired Women World Wide invited me to share my story to a Coffee Break Christian for Women at the William Jeans Memorial Library. I was so excited and somewhat a little scare because I never was one who wanted to talk in front of a crowd. But God gave me the strength he was in control everyone enjoyed my story they all stood up clapping their hands with a smile on there face. What I remembered most is a young girl came over to me shared with me she found a Lump on her Breast been afraid to go the Doctors but after she heard my Story she changed her mind she said she is going to make appointment first thing Monday.  Thank you Lord! This is my message to give to other women if you find a Lump react Fast!

On March 18, 2012 I celebrated my Birthday by having a Sunday Brunch Birthday Social. I invited Friends and told them to bring unwanted Necklaces instead of Gifts. The Beat it Beads collected our very first total of 35 Necklaces.  I shared with everyone I was planning to give them to women who have to hear the same words I did you have Breast Cancer and this is going to be called the” Beat it beads” Against Breast Cancer.  My friends were the first to join the circle of women to give a message to women who just found out they have Breast Cancer. We had so much fun socializing enjoying the Delicious Food Buffet. Later that week my friends came by over and over again dropping off Beaded Necklaces they had found and received from their Family and friends.